The best wallets for your litecoins

A litecoin wallet works as a sort of bank account for sending, receiving and managing your litecoins. We ensure that you can buy and sell litecoins easily, quickly and safely. But it is your own responsibility to manage your own crypto coins. This is one of the most valuable aspects of litecoin; you are your own bank!

Creating a wallet is very simple, almost always free and takes little time! On this page you can read everything about litecoin wallets.

Which litecoin wallet should I choose?

It all depends on you. You can roughly make a distinction between three types of wallets.

  • Mobile wallet: manage your litecoin with your smartphone. That way you always have quick access to your coins.
  • Software wallet: download a wallet on your computer. You can often manage other coins with this.
  • Hardware wallet: these often resemble a USB stick and are praised for their safety.
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  • Mobile wallet
  • Manage your cryptocurrency with a smartphone. Suitable for the starting trader.
  • Always carry your wallet with you
  • Free
  • A little less secure than a hardware wallet
  • Software wallet
  • Manage your cryptocurrency with your computer. Suitable for the novice and more advanced trader.
  • Manage your crypto directly from your computer
  • Free
  • A little less secure than a hardware wallet
  • Hardware wallet
  • Manage your cryptocurrency with a physical device. Suitable for the experienced trader.
  • The safest way to manage your crypto
  • Purchasing the device costs money

How do I create a litecoin wallet?

Creating a litecoin wallet is very easy! There are different types of wallets to manage and store your litecoins with. For example, there are wallets for your phone that you can download for your computer, but there are also hardware wallets. And these again differ in ease of use and safety.

Jaxx Liberty: Litecoin on all your devices
Looking for a modern litecoin wallet? Then use Jaxx Liberty. This wallet is available for your smartphone and your computer. The wallet is also available as an extension for internet browser Google Chrome.

The wallet is 100% free and is supported for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Jaxx Liberty is not Jaxx’s first wallet, but it is a further development of their previous wallet (called Jaxx). They can therefore rely on a lot of experience.

What also speaks for Jaxx: owner Anthony Di Iorio of the company is also co-founder of Ethereum.

The wallet is very user-friendly. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can get started right away. The controls feel intuitive and there is a block explorer built in! With this you can track your transactions and coins on the blockchain.

In addition to litecoin, Jaxx also offers support for almost all major coins except XRP (support for more than 85 coins). A sort of Blockfolio is also incorporated in the wallet. The wallet therefore keeps track of the total value of all cryptocurrency that you store with Jaxx Liberty.

You are in charge of your private keys (this gives you access to your coins). Jaxx does not store your keys and also has no access to your keys. Privacy is therefore guaranteed.

Jaxx can be downloaded for free from the app store of your smartphone. Do you want to download the wallet for your computer? Then visit

Watch the video below, which explains how Exodus works. This is a wallet that you download and manage on your computer.

View here how to create a litecoin wallet
You can also opt for a hardware wallet. Different manufacturers have developed different types of hardware wallets. See here what kind of hardware wallets there are, and what the different advantages and disadvantages are.

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What is a litecoin receiving address?

What is a litecoin receiving address? Compare it with an account number of your bank. It is the personal address that people use to send litecoins to you.

Do you want to receive litecoin? Then you pass on your receiving address. Do you send litecoin to another wallet? Then you need the receiving address of the receiving party. A litecoin receiving address always starts with an L or M and looks like this: MGxNPPB7eBoWPUaprtX9v9CXJZoD2465zN. Pay attention! This is just an example address. Always copy the receiving address from your own wallet.

How do I send and receive litecoin?
To receive and send litecoin you need your receiving address. It is important that you use the correct one. Are you entering the wrong receiving address? Then the coins are also sent to another wallet. How do you find this receiving address? This is possible in two ways.

Have you previously purchased litecoin from BTC Direct? Then log in to your account and go to your order history

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