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What is Litecoin?

“Litecoin is the digital currency for payments that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.” –

Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency that is an alternative to traditional forms of payment like cash, credit cards or checks. The technology makes it possible to transfer Litecoins in a matter of minutes without the use of third parties.

Litecoin is developed by Charlie Lee and was launched in October 2011. The amount of Litecoins is fixed, there will only ever be 84 million Litecoins. The network is open source and is fully decentralized without central authority. The network is secured by using mathematical encryption. Thereby empowering the users to have full control over their finances.

Compared to Bitcoin the features of Litecoin are: faster transaction confirmation time and improved storage efficiency. Next to these technical features, Litecoin has substantial industry support, trade volume and liquidity.

Litecoin is proven to be the medium of commerce.

Litecoin for online gambling

Litecoin is a excellent coin for online gambling. One of the reasons for that is their similar technology. However, there are some differences between the coins as well. Litecoin has an advantage over Bitcoin, namely that the transactions of the Litecoin network take place much cheaper and faster. This is why more and more people choose to use Litecoin in a online casino just like anonuymous or Betcoin. This is the reason why Litecoin casinos have gained a lot of popularity recently. Gamblers who use Litecoin really like the fact that you don’t have to wait for a long time before a transaction is made.

Price and Market cap LTC

Best Litecoin wallet

The multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet with the best price/quality ratio is Ledger Wallet. Use this hardware wallet for storing Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

Ledger Wallet protects your bitcoins