Bitstarz for gambling in euro to bitcoins

An online casino is much better when there’s an enthusiastic team behind it who has entertainment as its first priority. The team behind Bitstarz is a good example of that, because it combines professional experience with fun. They also play in online casinos and know exactly what you want. However, it can be difficult to choose one of the games, because at Bitstarz there are more than 850!

Quick payments in multiple currencies at Bitstarz

Some elements from an online casino are important to players. Like everyone else you probably want excellent casino games and fast deposits and withdrawals. Besides that, there should always be a professional team available to help you. Bitstarz makes sure that this happens. For example, the payment is available for multiple currencies. This makes Bitstarz an international casino. The payment after you’ve won money takes place immediately. This is possible because of an automatic system. Bitzstarz even states that the withdrawal takes place with ‘lightning speed’! Sounds good, doesn’t it? In reality it takes about 10 minutes to receive your cash.

Ask your questions in the live chat
Perhaps you still have some questions about the games and/or payments of Bitstarz. In that case you should contact the support team. They have a lot of experience as casino players, at least three years. In those years they’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the casino industry. So you can actually learn a lot from then! Contacting the support team is really easy, because there’s a live chat available on the website. Good luck!

Quick deposits and withdrawals with LTC and BHC at BitStarz

There are many reasons to smile as a gambler. Not only because of great casino games, but also because cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of many online casinos. Coins such as Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BTC) make deposits and withdrawals faster and easier than ever. BitStarz Casino has the honor to be one of the first online casinos in history to accept both Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Why should you definitely use these altcoins at BitStarz Casino?

Why is BitStarz a good cryptocasino?

BitStarz is a very modern, international company. It’s proud to be an online casino platform that uses several cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin can be used for a wide variety of casino games. Try one of the BitStarz slots for example, which are even available in 3D or in a retro team. Video Slots and Progressive Jackpot slots are available in this online casino as well. Thanks to the quick transfers of Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, you never have to wait for a long time for your deposits and withdrawals. And there’s even more good news. You always play in a safe environment at BitStarz, because it has a Antillephone N.V Curacao Gaming license. This and the fact that you can choose between great games, multiple payment options and several cryptocurrencies, make BitStarz a good choice when you want to take an online gamble.

Growing demand of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash
BitStarz recognizes the potential of altcoins like Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. This is why the casino has introduced both coins to its players. You can now make a deposit or wager Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. For example, you can place at bet with the use of Bitcoin Cash. This is not expensive and takes place very fast. So it comes as no surprise that the demand for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash is still growing as of today. Of course you can also choose for the number 1 coin as a payment option: Bitcoin. You can use this crypto to play one of the games of BitStarz as well. It’s absolutely no problem when you have a question about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin. BitStarz has a support team available for all the cryptocurrencies.

The fast technology of Litecoin
Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash can both be traded at Coinbase. Bitcoin Cash is the newest addition to Coinbase, while Litecoin is already a golden oldie. Litecoin was introduced for the first time in 2011 and followed in the footsteps of its succesfull brother Bitcoin. In just five years the price of Litecoin has risen a lot. Many people invest because of the very fast payment conformations and technology. What’s more, Litecoin is way faster and, according to many, uses better technology than Bitcoin. Litecoin does not only take the cryptocurrency world by storm, but also the gambling market. Nowadays you can use Litecoin to play games at several online casinos.

The success of Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash is a very succesfull coin as well. It’s a fork of Bitcoin Classic Fork with a bigger block size and very quick transactions. It was invented as a competitor to PayPal and Visa on a transaction level. In some ways it has succeeded. People are attracted to this coin because of the very low transaction fees. You don’t have to pay a lot to send or trade Bitcoin Cash, which is great.

Perfect timing for cryptocurrencies
The timing seems to be perfect. Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are incredibly popular at the moment. The marketing manager of BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor, stated that the casino introduced the coins because they want to be flexible and accommodating. It wants to offer more cashier options than any other casino. Cryptocurrencies should definitely be a payment option in the 21st century gambling market!

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